Agapi Behavioral Consultants, Inc.

7 McKenna Commons Court, Greenville, SC 29615
Telephone: 864-509-1555

Agapi Behavioral Consultants

Conveniently located in Greenville, SC, AGAPI Behavorial Consultants is an An ABA provider committed to providing high-quality therapeutic services for children with autism in their homes and communities. Agapi was founded under the principle that children with autism can reach their maximum potential through strategically designed therapeutic interventions.


Our programs are designed to serve children and adults with Autism, and their families. Agapi serves individuals from 18 months to 21 years of age. Our treatment is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).


Agapi uses positive reinforcement to teach individuals how to succeed. We appreciate the challenges families of children with autism endure while meeting the critical behavioral, social, and educational needs that are unique to children with autism and related disorders.


Parents are an integral part of the treatment team, and Agapi works with parents and family members to identify treatment goals and design practical programs that work toward those goals.



Who is Agapi

Agapi is a team of ABA Professionals that strives to meet the unique needs of children with autism and related disorders. Agapi is owned and operated by professionals dedicated to research-based interventions for children with autism.


Agapi became an Autism Service Provider in the Summer of 2015. Our facilities are located in Greenville, SC.


Agapi provides services for children in Greenville County, Oconee County, Pickens County, Anderson County, Spartanburg County, Laurens County, Cherokee County, Beaufort County, Jasper County, Hampton County, and Union County.

Services Provided


Agapi is currently accepting PDD state funded, PDD waiver, Medicaid plan and private pay.
Agapi's treatment approach focuses on techniques, therapies and interventions that use positive reinforcement to teach each individual how to succeed to their full potential. Agapi will provide services in the following areas, Language and Communication, Social Skill training, behavioral support, emotional training, generalizing skills, family training, in school services.


Social Skill and Family Trainings
Agapi will hold weekly social skill groups in the clinic as well as monthly social skill field trips. Agapi will hold parent groups on a monthly basis in clinic as well as monthly individualized family trainings in home. Agapi will also offer emotional regulation training for children on a weekly basis (following the Tony Atwood Cat model).


In school
Agapi will work with your child and the school to ensure that the child has the proper IEP in the school to ensure success. Agapi also provides trainings for teachers and consultative services in school to ensure that each child is receiving the best possible services.


In Home

Trained ABA therapist will come to each child's home and provide one on one therapy in home. Agapi will provide home based services to assist with a balance in home for families through intervention as well as linking in home services to educational goals and interventions.